Welcome to Earth, 4.543by

Some people think the earth is only 2018 years old. But that’s what happens when Christianity is taken as fact. The year is in fact 4 billion 5 hundred and 43 years old (best estimate) and I want to welcome you to this wise old planet and it’s inhabitants today.


As far as science can tell, there is but a single species on this planet that are intelligent enough to feel complex emotions such as, love, hate, anger, etc… they’re called Humans. I believe that as humans, we struggle to cope with our own minds, there are those amongst us who completely understand the power of their intelligence while the rest of us struggle with our own minds that are then tainted from the outside.

I can’t find a single article anywhere showing that animals other than humans have the intelligence outside of instinct to act upon feelings. We are the only ones who are burdened with intelligence, some of us are lucky enough to understand critical thinking and the world around us, patterns of human behaviour and empathy to all, yet here we are. 2018. 4.543by.



The US is being led by an abusive dictator who’s out for no one but himself, others like him and the people above him pulling the strings. Their latest conquest is separating children from their parents at borders in order to ‘stop’ illegal immigrants seeking help because of their own countries failings or the USA’s pointless wars with other countries. There even reports coming from these ‘camps’ holding children in cages that they’ve started injecting things into the children, apparently to sudate them/keep them quiet. 1210126.jpg

Chechnya is still torturing gay men in ‘concentration‘ style camps with no consequences being brought upon the country and the leader there denying there are even any gay people in Chechnya.


The world cup is being held in Russia, a country with an appalling record on LGBTQ+ rights and safety, the UK government even warned fans about showing PDA (Public Displays of Affection) to same-sex partners in the country over fears they’ll be attacked, as reports over the past few days have heard, our fears have been realised, not that the mainstream media would ever report that though.

Those are but a few examples of the world today, with Racism, the gender pay gap, abuse of power, so-called ‘religious freedom’ (aka, an excuse to be a dick), discrimination, conservatism, wars and much more. The world in 2018, 4.543by is a scary dystopian reality, where conservatives and religion singlehandedly holds too much power, the balance has been lost and even the most together people I know are scared, as am I.

Stick together friends, keep your humanity alive and stay safe.

Love, Jacob.


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