Hey you! Long time! Let’s get all caught up, over the past few weeks I’ve: moved out, made friends, started uni and all the things that come with those things minus the partying and drinking. All this change has given me loads of time to create some brand new content ideas for the podcast, radio show and blog.

This does mean, changes in formats and stuff, essentially what I’m trying to say is I’ve renamed my podcast!14.png

Gay Culture is now… Queer Culture! The change comes partly from me and partly from the community, Gay Culture is a great meme but I felt we needed to include more of the community and Gay as a title just doesn’t do that. It also comes after the biggest news of the moment, I’m no longer identifying as gay… or cisgender, I’m fully non-binary, it’s been a difficult journey of self discovery and you’ve heard some of it on the podcast and in case it’s not clear, I’m not a demiboy, I’m non-binary, I just had to accept that myself before coming out to all of you and I’ve never felt happier or more me!

Changes to the Podcast aren’t anything too major, we’ve got the new name, some new features, a new studio, but still at the heart of it is me being silly and you listening to that! While I’m going to tone down slightly on the controversial content I’m not removing it entirely, we need to call out people that need calling out! We’ll just do it more professionally! IMG_5375.JPG

I know better than most how annoying change can be and I’m here to tell you, I’m not one for changing, it’s still me driving this shit and I’m almost certain you’ll love the new content even MORE!

Speak Soon! — Jacob

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