I have a really exciting job this summer, still in shock that I got it, by simply taking this role I’ll be actively teaching a lot of young people that non-binary people exist, by just, existing. This does mean stepping down from a lot of the creative work I’ve been doing recently. So I wanted to write about it, so if my social media starts becoming more ‘corporate’ it’s just my auto-schedules trying to keep getting my work out there while I’m gone (so I can find more when I get back)

This is the plan as it stands at the moment:

  • Queer Confessions will slow down as season 1 comes to an end
  • The ‘Queer Confessionals’ will be released on the Queer Confessions feed during the time off
  • I won’t be popping up on Gaydio from the 24th June onward
  • You may see me popping up in some charity content over the summer!
  • Keep up with my summer job on Instagram @ItsJacobEdward (if I have signal)
  • Due to my summer role, my accounts may have go private
  • *keep an ear on Queer Culture’s podcast feed
  • I’ll be properly back in September

This will be my longest break from doing creative media work, either personal or professional, so having your continued support over this break will be very very welcome because if I know me (which I do, a bit too well) I’ll come back all outdoorsy and never want to do this stuff again… so y’know, drag me back!

Listen to the latest from Queer Confessions here

I’m also working on a secret project, so secret it has a code name


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