Surprise! or not… I genuinely can’t remember who I have/haven’t told about this. Yes, I have Autism (the HIGH FUNCTIONING version, also known as ‘it’s a nightmare to exist because you come across more neurotypical than you’d like making you question whether you’re just plain weird’ – it’s all fun)

Why tell us now?

I’ve never really tried to hide this from anyone, and I’m sure I’ve mentioned it here and there. The thing I hadn’t done was let myself accept that this was me, so while I was okay with the term, I didn’t even think I had it for so long and only through finding my limit and locking myself away for the better part of two weeks did I manage to figure that part out. All of which I cover in this very long sit down podcast I did about the ins and outs of that journey.

Autism, what?

For the uninitiated, according to the National Autistic Society “Autism is a lifelong, developmental disability that affects how a person communicates with and relates to other people, and how they experience the world around them” and that word there, disability… never liked it much, I didn’t feel disabled, at least, not in the way society tells you to be. As I talk about in the podcast I thought I was faking it to make things easier for myself, and I think the idea that I was somehow disabled contributed to that thought process.

What now?

OMG NOW, I can finally acknowledge my sensory needs instead of ignoring them (I’ve already starting trying with this one and I’m like 500% happier already). I can finally work with myself to make things easier in social situations, rather than trying to immediate others and be EXACTLY like them, it’s as exhausting as it sounds. I also want to do more work on autism, every time I make something I hope that at least 1 person will relate and therefore feel less alone, my experiences are mine, not every autistic person will go through this BUT I’m hoping by saying all this that anyone who has been struggling to find the words now has some.

If you haven’t already, do check out my podcast [Neuro(not-so)typical] on this:

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Thank you to all the autistic people I’ve met through doing the work I do, it’s seeing you thrive and talk openly about being autistic that’s helped me not only understand how my brain works but also how to continue what I do while being fairer to my condition! – Jacob x

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