Queer Culture is back!

Queer Culture is a podcast I started way back in 2017 (at least, in planning) originally called ‘Gay Culture’ the show was named after the Gay Culture is meme… which according to Know Your Meme “refers to a series of humorous and thoughtful definitions for “gay culture.” The meme is based in the homosexual experience and uses specifics to that community to define the culutre” for example ‘Gay Culture is dying your hair when life gets too much’… basically I tried really hard to be someone I wasn’t .

The year long run saw various iterations of the podcast, from rants, making fun of homophobes/transphobes and all sorts, including a feature called ‘Queer Confessions’, which did so well I decided to pull it from the program and make it it’s own entity! Listen to Queer Confessions here!

While I built on Queer Confessions, Queer Culture remained largely untouched, bar cloning the Autism episode of Queer Confessions that I made in August 2019, the feed has been empty…. until NOW!!!! *explosions* *fireworks* *cheers*

From September, weekly episodes will be returning!! With myself and my new co-host, Holly Morsley! (@handinacupcake)

Me and Holly met last year when we started uni together! We’ve remained good friends since. Holly works at Gaydio alongside myself and the Monday Exchange team and now will be my co-host on Queer Culture!

The new version of the show will be much the same, with the goal of providing entertainment, information and relatable content to LGBTQ+ young people from the UK and beyond! Now with an added queer!

Everyone (all 3607 of you) already subscribed to Queer Culture on your favourite apps will continue to be be subbed to the updated version! The only major change will be the distribution, which now comes under JEM’s new project, the ‘Queer Podcast Network’ or QPN. The network will host ‘Queer Culture with Jacob & Holly’ as well as it’s sibling podcast ‘Queer Confessions’. Over on the Twitter (@QueerPodNetwork) we’ll be sharing and uplifting as many Queer audio projects as we can. This will also act as the main Twitter for Queer Culture promotion, alongside the co-host’s personal twitter accounts/followings.

Keep up to date on the @QueerPodNetwork twitter to find out the date for our return! AND make sure to subscribe in your favourite podcast app!

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