Love Simon Not In All UK Cinemas

Love, Simon ISN’T in all UK cinemas on Friday!

Active followers of mine will know I’ve already managed to see Love, Simon three times before it’s UK release.

I 100% believe this film needs to be seen by as many people as we can humanly fit into our cinemas yet not every cinema is showing this 20th Century FOX Rom-Com? I called a branch and this is what they said:

Vue is claiming this is due to ‘limited release’ which is a way of releasing movies usually used by weird ass documentaries that end up in the cinema rather than on BBC 4.

While Vue are stating ‘limited release’ my local cinema chain ‘Empire’ has claimed that they are too small to play ‘all new releases’ in response to my email asking for an explanation.


I haven’t found any official comment on Love, Simon being on limited release in UK yet.



It seems I’m not the only one who is angry at certain cinemas not screening Love, Simon. Vue cinemas seem to be at the heart of this with their awfully generic responses to tweets causing users to state they’ll be going elsewhere.

Owen also made a video airing his feelings towards Vue’s customer service and lack of understanding as to how important this film is AND how it was advertised in the cinema that it’s not showing at.

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