Podcasts are arguably the quickest and easiest way to consume content in the digital world. Audio files are WAY smaller than video files, making them great for downloading and listening on the go as well as very personal, you and your listener are one to one, unlike radio which has fast become background music, podcast listeners choose to listen intensely for a period of time, so they better be good!

Good job my offerings to the podcast landscape are preforming well stats wise!

Queer Confessions

New to the podcast world, April 2019 saw the launch of this podcast, the brainchild of Jacob Edward, who interviewed Queer people about their experiences being queer, from confessions of joy, bad habits and trying times, you really do get to hear it ALL! Season 1 is now complete and is made up of 8 episodes with guests including content creator Bradley Birkholz and upcoming Trans Comedian Ben Hodge!

Queer Culture (the artist formally known as Gay Culture)

An older brainchild of Jacob Edward. This podcast underwent many changes and was in essence, an organised rant. Finishing when Queer Confessions launched, the feed lays dormant as we prepare to re-launch with a co-host and less triggering rants. The final 10 episodes are still available to listen back to on the feed.


All these podcasts start with Queer? (ok, technically this isn’t Jacob’s podcast, however, they have produced an episode and have more on the way for season 4)

Official description: Student, graduate or LGBT+ producer tells their most #QueerAF story on the podcast by National Student Pride.

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