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What is Queer Culture?

Well queer culture isn’t a platform for you to criticise, it’s not a work in progress, it’s not about making money. It’s a space for me to be experimental, to create something I want to create. It’s a place to practise new ideas, new content and keep my presenting skills up to scratch…

For the listener, Queer Culture is a Podcast. It’s a weekly look at all things LGBTQ+. It is also be available to radio stations as a one hour programme featuring music and select content from the Podcast.

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Much like the BBC, our motto is to inform, educate & entertain our audience, each week I cover topics that matter to LGBTQ+ youth, from the latest on those troublesome TERFs to the lies the media are spreading about us.

Everything within the podcast is produced by myself, from the production of the idents to the scripting, audio editing and everything else that comes with putting a podcast together. Shouts to Matt Podd who does our amazing voice overs & Kevin Macleod for most of the music used!

You can find Queer Culture on your favourite podcast apps, even Spotify!

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If you would like to put my audio skills to the test on your next project, hit me up on info@jacobedward.org!

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