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Surprise! or not… I genuinely can’t remember who I have/haven’t told about this. Yes, I have Autism (the HIGH FUNCTIONING version, also known as ‘it’s a nightmare to exist because you come across more neurotypical than you’d like making you question whether you’re just plain weird’ – it’s all fun)

Jacob’s Staff Story

This summer I’ve been lucky enough to be doing some work with NCS (National Citizen Service) who are a personal development programme for young people in the UK aged between 15-17. Even though I did the programme myself 2-3 years ago, it was still…

Mental Health in Radio

Wanting to work in Radio feels like waiting in line for a rollercoaster you’ll get 3 minutes on after queuing for 4.5 hours. It seems like once you get one break it snowballs from there, my friend Tim is a great example of this…

Welcome to Earth, 4.543by

Some people think the earth is only 2018 years old. But that’s what happens when Christianity is taken as fact. The year is in fact 4 billion 5 hundred and 43 years old (best estimate) and I want to welcome you to this wise…

I came out at 27, Sam’s Story

Sam tells us about the thoughts, feelings and process that lead to him coming out at 27 years old in this straight from the heart blog for #YouAreYou

I went to RADIO 1!

The title should really read ‘I was unbelievably close to Radio 1’ but details, details… I WAS AT RADIO 1 YESTERDAY! I somehow managed to get a place for the #R1WeekendsStartEarly Q&A featuring Scott Mills, Matt Edmondson, Mollie King, Dev, Alice Levine & Maya Jama….

It’s a rant about schools

For me personally, I couldn’t leave school any faster than I did. While most education establishments in this country are broken in some way BY FAR the worst is our schools, from primary education to senior, schools continue to baffle me as to just…

Mental Health

This week is Mental Health Awareness week and I had actual time on my hands this weekend to sit down and write this blog. I work for YoungMinds, if you’re unsure who they are, they’re a charity fighting for young people’s mental health support,…