You Are You, Push


Thanks so much for coming, I’ve sent you the link to this page as I REALLY want you to be part of this, it’s like the secret Jacob ‘Illuminati’ of content creators, musicians, bands and so on… just all round amazing people I’ve met through the Radio Show, Stonewall, YoungMinds or just twitter!

If you’re not aware, this year I’m running my own social action project called ‘You Are You’ which is a year-long digital media campaign to help oust gender stereotypes and help young people accept what makes them happy! We all have a couple of things we keep from people over the fear of being judged and over the last two years, I’ve become a master of accepting my undying LOVE of ‘Despicable Me’ and for wearing ponchos as a fashion choice! But it’s easy to forget just how hard this is when you’re young and school feels like the only thing you’ll ever know and that liking football and guns are the only things boys can like and that girls all wear makeup and do nothing but look at boys. Thankfully the world isn’t quite as stereotyped as that statement but being that one kid that hates PE in the class and feeling ashamed of the things you like is still very much a problem. It’s scary how many people have two accounts on social media to hide what they like from their peers at school. This is particularly common issue faced by closeted LGBTQ+ young people and as I’m sure most of you reading this can appreciate being in the closet is scary and the message of the campaign isn’t to flick a switch and let people be themselves but show that liking what you like only makes you more unique and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that and nothing to be ashamed of.  

All that brings me to why I’ve brought you here! I would like as many of you as possible to create something that shows you being you and spreading the message of You Are You! I don’t want to limit you on this so if you’re really behind this PLEASE feel free to go all out, I can aid you in whatever way I can, just slide into my DMs @Radio_Jacob all I ask is if you do want to support the campaign then stick to a positive/empowering message, use our colour scheme and direct people to our twitter @YouAreYou2018 where we’ll be sharing everything! A few ideas for anyone a bit stuck, maybe do a week of videos on twitter/youtube where you show people a hobby you do or a series of tweets centred around a topic you love but don’t talk about often because you worry about being judged! Still a bit unsure, message me, I’ll work with you on a personal level to create something AMAZIN’! The only reason I directed you here is because all this information in a DM would’ve overwhelmed everyone.

To anyone that takes up this offer to support this social action campaign, however you choose to do it, I thank you so much!


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