You Are You

Have you ever felt judged for liking something? Acting a certain way? or simply being your true self? Because I have.

From afar this may just look like another ‘be yourself’ thing, and while it is certainly part of it, it’s not all of it. We want to encourage you to join this movement by simply being yourself! Just by doing that you’ll become a role model to those around you, you may not even realise it.

I recently found out that my flaunting of LGBT+ clothing in everyday life has helped a guy I know accept his own sexual identity. I had to really think about that when he told me but looking back, it makes sense. I never had a clear role-model, not even in a small way and if I had, I may have come to terms with who I am a lot sooner. This guy knows who he is and he know’s that his story inspired me to create this campaign! So let’s oust gender stereotypes and help young people accept what makes them happy!

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Need to talk?

Need a bit of advice on being yourself? We’ve got a small team of volunteers that are here to help!

Your first email will be forwarded to the most appropriate volunteer, then you’ll be able to email back and forward anonymously by emailing our address!

[These emails are monitored and for the sole use of those who need some advice on being themselves in the safest way possible. Anything more serious will be forwarded to the appropriate charities who have specialist training]


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